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Summertime Blues Answers

The Gipper

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No one was willing to utilize their gray matter in answering this trivia, thus I will go ahead and give you the answer in the form of a "factoid" post:


1. What former Browns Player is a part owner of the Florida Panthers?

Bernie Kosar. At least he was. Don't know if he still is or not. Dan Marino was also a minority owner


2. The last year in which cities that were still in the NBA or NHL playoffs (before recent eliminations) had a team win a title for that town?:

Cleveland 1964 Browns

Orlando never had a team win a title

Boston 2008 Celtic

LA/Anaheim 2007 Ducks

Houston 1995 Rockets

Dallas 1999 Stars

Denver 2001 Avalanche

Pittsburgh 2008 Steelers

Detroit 2008 Redwings

Washington 1992 Redskins

Chicago 2005 White Sox

needless to say, Cleveland is the most "deserving" of winning a title.


3. When was the last time a city had a team win both an NBA and an NHL title in the same year?

Never happened. On 9 occasions it was a possibility as a city had both teams in the finals, but it has never worked out that both teams from a city won.


4. Name the 3 Major League cities that have been waiting longer than Cleveland for a Championship in one of the major sports?

San Diego last title was the Chargers AFL title

Ottawa last title was a Stanley cup in 1927 (by a prior "Senators" NHL franchise, not the current franchise.

Vancouver last title was a Stanley Cup in 1915 by the Vancouver Millionaires (actually pre dates the NHL)


5. Which major league cities that have a current "major league" team have never won a title in any sport?

Sacramento, New Orleans, Columbus, Memphis, Nashville, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Oklahoma City


6.Which 3 teams have won the most NHL titles?

Montreal Canadiennes - 24, Toronto Maple Leafs - 13, Detroit Redwings -11


7. Aside from the Lakers and the Celtics which NBA team has won the most NBA titles?

Chicago Bulls - 6 all in the Jordan era


8. Name the only city which had a team appear in the finals of the 4 major sports in the same calendar year.

Philadelphia, 1980. The Phillies, 76ers, Flyers, and Eagles all made the Finals, however ONLY the Phillies came out victorious. The other 3 teams all lost. (Not even NYC has not had 4 teams in the finals in the same year with all their teams.


9. What town originally known as Rat Portage and which has a current population of about 15,000 has won a Stanley Cup?

Kenora, Ontario The "Thistles" won the 1907 Stanley Cup. Kenora is located north of the Lake of the Woods, about 100 miles east of Winnipeg. It is the smallest city to ever win a North American major championship. Much smaller than Green Bay.


10. True or false. The cities of Victoria, Seattle, Raleigh, Quebec, and Hartford have all won Stanley Cups.

The answer is FALSE. But only because Hartford never won a Stanley Cup (nor a WHL title from whence the Hartford Whalers originated). Of course, as perhaps you are aware, the Hartford Whalers moved to Raleigh and became the Carolina Hurricane which did win the Cup a couple of years ago, and are in the final four to do so again this year. And yes, Victoria, Seattle and Quebec all had teams in the NHL once upon a time that won a Cup.


11. The cities of Syracuse, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake, and Louisville have all had Pro Basketball Champions.

The answer is TRUE. The Syracuse Nationals won the NBA in the 50s but later moved to Philly and are now the 76ers. The Rochester Royals also won the NBA title in the 50s but later moved to Cincinnatti, then to Kansas City, and finally to Sacramento and are now the Kings. The Pittsburgh Pipers won the ABA title in 1969. The Utah (Salt Lake) Stars won an ABA title as did the Kentucky Colonels (Louisville) in the early 70s. These teams were NOT selected to join the NBA when the merger took place, as were the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, and New York Nets. (Ask Will Farrell of the pain of that)


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