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Check Out TK'S Tirade TONIGHT!

TK'S Tirade

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Hey all,


Dont forget to check out the show tonight! www.wildtalkradio.com We have alot to breakdown and get into tonight.

Browns-Ravens breakdown and final thoughts

The Benching of DA.....will Brady Quinn turn this season around

Is the organization is bad off as we all think?

Look ahead and predictions for the Browns-Broncos...can the Browns turn it around Thursday?

Quinn expectations...have we seen the last of DA

Why hasnt Braylon ben benched yet???

PLUS your thoughts in the interactive chat....


ALSO I have a new inductee's to the famous Jackass Club!!!


Were gonna have a quick look at the NBA season as well


All that and more tonight live from Scorchers in Medina!

Hope to see you all there!





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also tonight....I;'ll be accepting fan nominations for the famous jackass club!


see you all tonight!!





Hopefully I can make it Teek, and we may have to revamp the Jackass Club.


I've got one guy definitely in mind.

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You mean the same guy that posted these two gems within 3 days of each other?


according to Trent Dilfer and Chris Mortensen, that's exactly what he's doing.


Two hours prior to making the change Romeo stated that DA was his QB. We all know what really happened here.


Since you don't seem to have noticed, I don't make any predictions at all. I just point out the facts. Like the fact that DA is the starter. And the fact that starters start because they are better than their backups. And the fact that DA's contract is not a 1 year deal along with the fact that it has 14.5 million dollars of guaranteed money.


And here's another fact, as far as football knowledge goes, RAC and Phil have more football knowledge on the toilet paper they wiped their ass with this morning than you'll ever have in your entire life. Seeing as how you can't stop crying that they don't play your man-crush, it puts your football knowledge on par with the 12 yr old girls in the pink #10 jerseys.

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