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Aside on Angels and Demons

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I suspect you will be reviewing Angels and Demons when you get a chance. I will only make this preliminary note:

To me, the Angels and Demons book was a better read than the DaVinci Code. But I felt the DaVinci Code movie may in fact have been better than the Angels and Demons movie. The pacing of the A&D movie seemed furtive to me in comparison, (perhaps because it all had to happen in the course of 4 or 5 hours where DaVinci's time line was more spread out which I think allowed for better plot development. Plus the setting of A&D seemed more claustrophobic....again, perhaps because it was set just in the area of Rome surrounding the Vatican. Here again, the spreading out of the plot from Paris to London to Scotland set a better focus on that film. I also believe that DaVinci did a much better job of eliciting the motivations of the 'bad guys'. In A&D you just had apparently some paid hitman doing the bad deeds plus whatever it was that Obi Won was talking about seemed to get muddled up. In DaVinci, you knew that the one set of bad guys were plain and simple religious fanatics.

That said, I still enjoyed the movie. Perhaps a second look at it will cause me to like it better.

One factor in my viewpoint may also be that I had not read the book before seeing the DaVinci movie, where I had read A&D first.

The Gipper

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