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Trust me on this one


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Cody Kessler graduated from USC in the spring of 2015 with a degree in sociology. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in communication management from the prestigious Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Annenberg is the number-one ranked school for communication in the nation.


Not sure of the date of the article I grabbed this from  (http://www.seniorclassaward.com/athletes/cody_kessler/).  But it looks as though he's in position to succeed after football....which I'm assuming is not all that far away for him.  Perhaps he could hang around as a backup and collect some pretty decent NFL checks.  I mean, if Weeden gets a backup gig every year then surely Kessler could.  But I'd bet (a little) that that's not his style.

I guess it's not over until the fat lady sings. Colonel Hogan and Kizer could both get hurt and he plays and wins games....but....Hue has obviously given up on him totally.  

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4 hours ago, miktoxic said:

thanks sashi!!

I think back to early 2016....us sitting there at #2.....needing a QB.....and Tennessee at #1....they already had their QB....we had our pick of the litter.....we were FINALLY going to get our QB...and then the Rams traded up to #1 to draft Goff.....I was only a little disappointed because I actually wanted Wentz, but I wanted our guys to have their choice of QB's....and then it happened....we traded our pick to the Eagles....I was crestfallen.  

I had to listen to how smart we were....that neither QB was worth being picked high in the draft (on another board).  My response was, "Well, the Rams & Eagles think they're worth it!  They gave up PICKS to get them!  We wouldn't have had to give up ANYTHING!"   I said, The Rams & Eagles KNOW that you need a good QB to win in this league.  They've shown that they WANT to win!    

And here we are, we've gone through 4 starting QB's since we started things with the Orange & Brown scrimmage....and we're still thrashing around trying to find someone on our roster who can play.   -  And they wonder why there's so many fans dressed at orange seats at the games - 

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8 hours ago, domcucch1994 said:

Give Hogan a chance.

Well, apparently that's what we're doing.  He's the only QB that we haven't taken an extensive look at.  And since we're 0-5, we might as well look under all of the rocks.

There IS the school of thought that Kizer has to learn his trade and that the actual best place to do that is with hands on work.  But he hasn't been all that accurate with his passes.  (of course he's got different receivers working in and out of the lineup...called up from the practice squad....signed from other team's practice squad, etc.)  But as Poetic has told us (endlessly), we DO have a young QB that's on the team for the second straight year and we don't REALLY know what his ceiling is.  With the little playing time he's had, well, he hasn't looked like crap or anything. - I mean, what's the worst that can happen, he looks bad and we lose a game?  

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