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Virginia Stupid is as Democrat does - gun confiscation


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he is clearly against all guns, you are too ignorant to take part in any intelligent discussion:


"Earlier this year, Fairfax called for a “gun insurance” mandate where every law-abiding gun owner would be required to buy government-mandated insurance in order to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights or pay a stiff fine every year. A modern ‘poll tax'? "

That is every single gun. and it isn't the first time a stupid democrat uses "automatic weapons" and is actually referring

to semi-automatics. and outlawing ALL guns is on their list, make no mistake:



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The ultimate goal of many on the left is to get rid of the second amendment and to ban guns altogether. We know that banning guns and more gun laws would not apply to criminals and those bent on evil. Only the law abiding would be disarmed or obey the law. No thanks.


The Gun Control Debate Is Pointless Until Liberals Admit They Want To Repeal The Second Amendment



Repeal the Second Amendment





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Whatever else u want to bring up now is irrelevant to the original piece. The ammoland article blatantly misrepresented that oarticular statement. I dont know that gov, perhaps at other times he has made diff statements regarding gun ownership as a whole. But in that particular statement he's blatantly referring to modified semi's which ofc means bump stocks.

Now if he were to suggest confiscating those rifles without letting the owners just take those stupid things off, takes literally seconds....then ill join the call for liberal shenanigans. But if in the future bump stocks are made illegal and u still put one on ur rifle, ur gonna lose the rifle just the same as if u did the full auto trigger mod

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