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Does anyone still disagree with my assertion the other week that all these 2nd and 3rd yr players...


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Need to gtfo at the end of the season? These guys are non producers, period. How can we miss so badly on so many players? Just on the def side of the ball, which guy looks like he'd "for sure" find starting work on another team? The only guy that passes that 1v1 eye test is garrett. Im vecoming more and more convinced that nassib, ogbah and orchard might bebout of the league oncevtheir tenure is done here. Maybe nassib lands somewhere as that bench guy that stays disciplined against the run when u need to yank ur starter out to teach him a lesson on how to hold edge discipline. Ogbah and or hard tho, what tape does a team look at and say hey bring that guy into camp?

im just absolutely sick of looking at players that opposing players dont take seriously. The texans looked like they were in scrimmage mode after anout 10 minutes when they realized this was gonna be easy

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