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How bad can it get ????


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Iam a long time fan of the Browns, starting back in the late 70's. It really sucks when you cheer for a team that used to be a major threat in the AFC. And when the team was taken from Cleveland and was given a new team with all the historic records, players, and colors, I was happy to begin a new era and ready to build new team records etc. But the records this team is collecting in its history is all for the worse. This team tries to get better, and move office personnel around, and coachs come and go. 1st round draft picks turn out to be flops, and this team continues to lose week after week, year after year.  Its just not fun being a fan of a team that just cant win. Iam not turning in my fan support to the Browns, but being a fan these days is just depressing.

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