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Oh look unwarranted death threats go both ways


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fake news. She isn't moving, is she? Nope.  Who was the person who false claimed that she was racially spat upon or something,

when it NEVER happened?

that is liberal "look at me I'm a victim"

Dana was MOVING and the police there THERE when one explicit grotesque threat was issued.

This lib hater "teacher" isn't afraid, she's just liberal asswhole who resigns because she was

ALREADY PUT ON ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE. She's just hating. She's a liberal.

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check this out:


she already had one student grade her a "1" out of five.

"Sep 04, 2017

She's always been a terrible teacher and hateful to students she doesn't like.. But recently she got worse when she kicked two students out of class for wearing a trump shirt and likened it to Nazis. I don't like Trump but she is violating free speech and basically called two of my fellow students Nazis. She should not teach in this or any other school "

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Here's about a 1.2 grade:

" Rather than teach she imposes too much of her own political opinions on the student. School is not the place for that. "

and the parents are happy she was allegedly FIRED.


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