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This is a truncated Trivia Topic.   It is truncated because I just don't want to spend the time thinking as much about the Browns as I usually do....who are usually the subject of my trivia.   There are just 5 questions....based on lists:

1. What do the following Super Bowl winning QBs have in common:  Len Dawson, John Unitas, Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Drew Brees.....and half of Peyton Manning?


2. What does the following list of Super Bowl winning coaches have in common:   Weeb Ewbank, Don Shula, Mike Shanahan, Richard Vermeil, Bill Belichick, Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, Tom Coughlin, Pete Carroll, Gary Kubiak.


3. What do the following list of Quarterbacks have in common:  Craig Morton, Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning


4. What do the following list of coaches have in common: Don Shula, Dan Reeves, Bill Parcells, Mike Holmgren, Richard Vermeil, John Fox


5.  What do the following Super Bowl winning teams have in common:  The Chicago Bears, The St. Louis Rams, The Washington Redskins, the LA Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs.



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. All these QBs won Super Bowls with a team other than their original team.

This is why I chose this topic as a trivia question.  Perhaps the Browns need to take a lesson here and not put their eggs in the basket of unproven players.  Something like half the QBs who have won SBs did not do so with their original team they were drafted by.

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If the Browns would take this tactic......bring in a younger, somewhat proven veteran, instead of chasing unproven draftees.....who would they look to?

Only one name comes immediately to mind:  Kirk Cousins.

But who else would be a free agent QB at the end of the year?   (also....see my thread on the Mannings)

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