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Surprise!!! Its a white guy???


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I love how they wait till the dude is face down on the ground before beatings commence. If u were "that" pissed pull the dude out of the car like a grown man and stomp him 1v1. The poosy Sheet i sonetimes see from these cops is puzzling. This pudgy, balding middle aged dude looked so intimidatin stepping out of his truck doing exactly as he's commanded, that even with 10 dudes all with the same thing on their mind we still have to wait till he's on the ground with his legs in the air saying come get it boys. 

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8 hours ago, jbluhm86 said:

Cleve, this story is from a year and half ago; most of the officers involved have either voluntarily resigned or been fired. Why bring it up now?

Oh? The article i read say none of em got Sheet. Actually it was two articles, one prior to the trial and one after. Yeah i didnt know the time frame but that wasnt relevant anyway.....i posted it as a reminder that cops can trip balls on other folks besides black people. 

You can actually see the part of the video where in one instant they're all fixin to whale away on this guy (body cams off boys) and the one guy standing u can tell is coughing into his hand cough helicopter cough cough.            Things "pro up" fairly quickly. 

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