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For all u cryin about wentz....


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U realize he would not do here what he's doing in philly right? He's got a better line, better wr's etc, etc.....he would have been pedestrian. People would have been yelling for rail gun hogan by mid season last year just the same as they're doing now. 

For comparison sake, joey bosa has like as many sacks or more than our entire front line, especially if u take garretts 3-4 sacks away. And thats at a oosition that is less reliant on surrounding players than qb. 

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4 hours ago, Clevfan4life said:

U realize he would not do here what he's doing in philly right?

This argument does not hold water.  By that theory we wouldn't draft anyone at all because they would all be better off on other teams.

We have to start somewhere.  We need good players.  Even though they would be 'gooder' on someone else's team.  We KEEP adding good people until the good people make each other gooder.  

We are wallowing without a QB.  But Philly & Houston seem to be pretty happy with the QB's that WE gave them. 


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