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More and more people are looking at our country and wondering if something? serious is coming toward us eventually.

emp, civil strife. Turns out now, that HOLDER, the CLINTON MAFIA, the OBAMAO MAFIA, Comey and

wait...you won't believe it....."special prosecutor" ROBERT MUELLER approved and kept quiet, the illegal sale of our

uranium to russia - for 184 million... to the "Clinton Foundation". Apparently, the above parties knew about this in 2009.

   yes, that year is correct. that isn't all. an FBI informant has all the evidence to that effect.

    Ties in with higgardly wiping all those emails away - they had to cover it up. Comey had to favor them - he was in on it.

Mueller, in on it. Obamao..in on it. Holder in on it. etc etc etc.

  It gets worse. Now, there is absolute proof, per a major attorney for that FBI informant, that the DNC and the

Clinton campaign, P'AID for whoever it was, to go to russia, meet with their agents, and get a phoney dramatic

report to discredit Trump with collusion and help win the election for higgardly.



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Unbelievable stuff being reported tonight.. Manafort was working with the Clinton/Podesta team and the Russians?


The news of the night is very bad for the left.. Wear your high tide waders tomorrow fellas. The B U L L S H I T from the left is gonna be deep.


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I just remembered a conversation I had with a guy. Me and another guy who worked there at rep hq, ( I went to get some more

signs - some friends had their Trump/Pence signs stolen)... for a while about the election, this other guy came in, knew a lot,and we talked for a good while about how things are going wrong in our country, til the first guy got a phone call...so we left.Outside, he asked me about what I thought of the dem party, etc.

We ended up joking around, talking about the dems, and he got serious and said that there were dangerous, corrupt people

at the highest levels of our gov. I joked the clintons, he said yeah, did I know about all the people who have mysteriously died around them, i did,, etc. Before we left and went our separate ways - he told me that there were more people than the clintons who were so corrupt, at the very highlest levels of our gov. Said it didn't matter who our pres was, they were all over the major agencies, and they were career entrenched lifers - and he got that from a friend he trusts, who knew two people who was investigating it. This guy told him that eventually, a scandal of organized crime type of corruption in our gov was going to be found out, not in time maybe beforeTrump runs for reelection - but eventually.

  I dismissed it as just another goofy conspiracy thing. But now... Banner, Comey, the clintons, holder/lynch, obamao, muellerthe list is now getting very long - they have been found out - extortion, bribery, rackateering, all these corrupt dem players on the national scenewere a part of it, and a part of the coverup. Another big name involved, and KNEW about all this...

Rosenstein. who appointed mueller to spec prosecutor. This is now the biggest scandal in gov since watergate. Soon to be namedbigger by far than watergate. I just remembered this after watching Hannity this evening - the FBI informant has all the information/evidence to prove them guilty, his attorney and the two investigators who have been working on thisfor some years.... were on the show. Stunning scandal of gigantic seriousness.

Mueller was one of the people who had to sign off on that uranium sale. The dnc and clinton foundation PAID for the phoneyrussian collusion information report, so they had to frame Trump for the russian collusion because...they secretly were guilty of extreme russian collusion.

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