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Segregated Proms in GA

Guest mz.

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Gotta love parents, perpetuating this shit.


"Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be DieHards..."


Racially segregated proms have been held in Montgomery County — where about two-thirds of the population is white — almost every year since its schools were integrated in 1971. Such proms are, by many accounts, longstanding traditions in towns across the rural South, though in recent years a number of communities have successfully pushed for change.


via here.


PS my HS prom had one "white" prom song and one "black" prom song due to our inability to get along, umm, "racial diversity." I was completely ashamed and appalled when I discovered this.


PPS the white idiots chose a crappy Michael Bolton song while the black idiots chose a crappy Boys2Men song.

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