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JT Barrett = Heisman Frontrunner?


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Yes or No? Do you think he's worthy of a Heisman Trophy this year? I think he sure deserves legitimate consideration for the award, as he's been nothing but class his entire career with Ohio State.

Granted, there's a long way to go, but that Penn St performance was awesome (vs the #1 defense in the country he completed his last 16 passes in a row) and he's quietly put up great numbers this year.  He embodies what the winner should be both on and off the field.





Pretty amazing season thus far by anyone's standards, and he certainly had the bigger game head to head compared to Saquon Barkley. Not many QB's could've come back and had that kind of performance against a team like Penn State with the miserable start they had.

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If Ohio State runs the table especially beating "m" in Ann Arbor he'd have to be considered a frontrunner if not the favorite. 

He recently passed Drew Brees for the B1G TD record, because of the number of starts he's had his final numbers will be HUGE.

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11 hours ago, wargograw said:

Which stat?

I thought it was against the run before the game -and- had a great running back of their own. 

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4 hours ago, SD_Tom said:

Well damn, not a chance in hell now. I think Baker Mayfield has to be the frontrunner now.

Barrett looked like crap.

I think he had to run the table to win I wonder if he'll get an invite with his career numbers? 

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Ive detested barrett as a qb for years now. Had i seen this thread earlier i would hopped up and down on one leg i would have been so mad.

look im sure he's a nice kid and i hope he makes a nice name fir himself in real estate or something. Honestly i wish the kid well. As a qb tho i cant wait to bever see him again. Its not ALL on him, i think meyer has to take responsibility for the anemic nature of the osu offense against good defenses.

Yes that read option horsesht can drop loads all over bowling green type teams but against even decent defenses that stack the box and dare barrett to beat them with his arm.....yeah sht start to go south in a hurry. 

Bucks might have lost today if it werent for haskins coming in and being able to make game manager type throws that are a sshole puckering experiences with barrett. Dude made two if the wirst throws ive ever seen in college foitball until okornhole played catch with the osu deep safety at the end of the game. I was surprised at my reaction cause im obviously an osu fan, but that throw made me cringe and say omg wut did u just do dude. 

Woody must have to walk outside. I really felt bad for Mich fans. Thats just a horrible ending to a pretty good game.

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10 minutes ago, MLD Woody said:

I was at the game. 

JT aside, we just needed an average QB. Our 3rd string qb wasn't good enough. Average and we win.

A top flight QB and it would have been the battle of undefeated teams.(well if the Buckeyes didn't screw up twice)


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9 minutes ago, DieHardBrownsFan said:

Wolverines suck and are cheaters!

No they're actually not a bad D-1A football team and inching closer to the Bo vs Woody days.......not our Woody. ;)

But the Buckeyes have it going on year after year. 

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