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Schmuck Podesta and attorney try to intimidate Tucker Carlson to not talk about him


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yeah, like that will not happen ever.

like organized crime using a twisted misuse of our legal system to further

their agenda like in a Batman movie.

the dnc, and all their dnc players... stink up our gov.


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1 hour ago, Clevfan4life said:

So the guy that had to resign cause of muellers investigation. But i thought this was a witch hunt cal? Ir is it only a witch hunt when conservatives are getting investigated?

do you ever stop and think before you make yourself look like a fool?

read up on what a witch hunt is. podesta is way way part of this. But the entire reason for this witch hunt fiasco

resulted because comey leaked intentionally the stuff to his msm cronies. Mueller and all his anti-Trump investigators

can't ignore podesta group - that would be so obvious it would be a scandal that would ruin their reps. and the podesta

thing also would be a scapegoat to shield the clintons from prosecution - including obamao himself, holder, lynch,

rosenstein..and...........dirty mueller himself. You need to read up on the subjects you try to smart off about...

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