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Well I guess it's kind of positive...

Westside Steve

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She can go ballistic.....but the rest of us can only think "Thank God" they screwed up...and not waste a 2d and a 3rd on McCarron.

I would rather take my chances on the Browns using both of those picks....the 2d and the 3rd they would have traded....and drafted 2 more QBs with them in the next draft.   We could do better that way IMO.

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1 hour ago, Westside Steve said:

Still I kind of wish it was someone whose football knowledge I respected more than Jimmy's dipstick wife.


Maybe she could pipe up on the caterer delivers stale pralines.



Reminds me of what a friend told me when Bud Carson was HC.

He said he never saw anybody get so mad and, then, do absolutely nothing about it.

Let's hope somebody does SOMETHING about this train wreck.



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