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The damage to our country, done by ObaMao, lives on in our federal courts


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and they brag about it. of course they want to keep Trump from getting non-obamao activist (defined as "corrupt, left-wing sombeitch judges)

into our court system. that is just another way the left demands to eventually get total control of our country.


Judicial activism, as we are seeing it repeatedly displayed in our courts is destroying the judiciary and will ultimately weaken the role of the judicial branch in the eyes of the people. The only power that courts have is the trust of the people that judges will act fairly and put aside personal bias.

+ + Barack Obama's judicial legacy is far more appalling than ObamaCare!

Today, Democrat senators are working to stop President Trump's judicial nominees because these nominees are counter to the left-leaning judges with whom President Obama packed the courts over eight years.

As reported by The Stream:


"Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) gloated in 2014, 'one of the most profound changes this Congress made was filling the bench' with Obama's appointments of federal judges. This will affect America for a generation...'

President Obama himself gloated, 'I am — not to brag — but I have transformed the federal courts...'

Nine of the 13 U.S. Courts of Appeals have more judges appointed by Democrats than by Republicans.

The United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (informally considered the 13th circuit) is considered the second most powerful court in the country, after the Supreme Court. It hears cases involving the federal government. Obama changed the composition to a 7-4 split in favor of Democratic appointees.
Obama got 329 federal judges appointed to the circuit and district courts, all lifetime appointments. The Daily Signal characterizes the change in composition of the courts as a revolution that has been 'comprehensive, dramatic, and under the radar.'"
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While the MSM (fake news) has been busy trying to distract everyone with what they want folks to focus on . . . a lot of things have been going on that a lot of folks don't know about.

A lot of new Judges with outstanding character have been appointed . . . and nobody's talking about it . . . that's fine, but by the time it's realized it'll be too late, not that they can do anything about it at this point in time.

BIG Changes coming to THE Court . . . going to be a lot of surprised people over the changes that will come from this.

Have to admit, some things are taking place that I hadn't expected yet, and this past week some things really broke loose that have made things really interesting.


Keep vigilant, don't get discouraged, and grab some Pop-Corn . . . things are just starting to get warmed up . . . going to be some big changes coming.



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