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Goodhell can go to hell...but 49.5 million, private jet and lifetime health care to keep him?


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He's better off taking the lifetime healthcare for himself and the family and backing off the salary.  One big illness and the 49.5 is gone without it.

Seriously, though, the more telling comments were in the last paragraph.  The CTE thing is going to kill the NFL in 20 years or less.  It will start in the high schools.  Once there are no feeder schools for colleges, it will just be an avalanche.  The NFL will be a flag football league, then.


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6 hours ago, calfoxwc said:

The little faggot needs a big jet airplane..The little Faggot he's a millionaire..Can Nancy Pelosi give this bitch a ride? We are all taxed out..    


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Goodell is doing just fine.   Has he made a few mistakes?  Perhaps. So....he has come down hard on cheaters and  abusers.  Does anyone here really have a problem with that.

And for the most part...he is doing the owner's bidding......though, honestly, I enjoy seeing him stand up to the likes of Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones.

Lets face it......he likely had the full support of Jerry Jones when he was hammering the Patriots over the Deflategate....and he likely had the full support of Robert Kraft when he hammered the Cowboys over Zeke Elliott.

Now, here is the deal.....if I were Goodell I would say to the owners:   Let me be relieved of the Mantle of having to be the Disciplinarian.  Lets form a "Council on Discipline" who makes the decisions on these cases, made up of representatives of the management and the players.  Get the Commish out of the business of having to be the Hardass on these things.  

Oh, and just one other thing:   while he works for the owners, we can pretty much be resolved that there is one owner that Goodell can completely ignore:   Jimmy Haslam.

(and note:  here is another thing that I suspect that has gotten the players riled up:    Elliott gets suspended for 6 games for off field conduct even no criminal charges or anything were brought against him....yet Haslam suffers NO consequences for his "off field"  business being the subject of criminal investigations....criminal indictments etc.  He gets a pass even no direct legal action is taken against him personally, yet Elliott gets 6 games)

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