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First Round - what if kizer lights it up and we don't need to draft qb in the first round?


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Suppose the Browns would be delighted to maybe? get Allen later...or Thorson even later. That changes my look on the first pick.

Derwin James' name will come up - taking a safety this high is unusual...but he looks like an All-pro SS for years to come. Trouble is, the Browns need a  cb/FS. This is where, even with the #1 overall pick, I'd take

Minkah Fitzpatrick, Auburn - FS/CB.

He also looks like an All-pro player. Chubbs would be great on the one side of the dline, but that doesn't helpour Browns much.

The pick, then, is:

So, the #2 pick, about 15...? is

Ridley, WR

There's a tackle I really like in the second round...and WR is a giant hole - people have Washington, WR this high... but I still think


Ridley is my top pick at wr. Kirk is great, but a bit shorter, Sutton isn't explosive, etc.. If I thought I desperately had to have qb this draft high, it's Allen. But if Kizer proves that he really will have it going before the rest of the season..... I don't see where my picks would be different than these two.

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LOL, You may hate this Cal- but if the Harvard Brainless Trust thinks Deshone absolutely, positively is THE GUY? Har, har, har trade down AGAIN. Too high to take any of the guys you mentioned. I see Walter Football agrees with me on a trade down, or flat out take the guy if we don't.   Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame. Joe can't play forever, and great time to draft his replacement. 

If we stick at #1 or #2 Saquon Barkley instead. Get off your Allen kick- if we don't draft a qb high, I'll take Baker Mayfield farther down. BUT fear not we ARE going to take a QB high next year, it's almost a foregone conclusion. Right now, I'm betting it won't be Allen. 

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haha. don't hate it, just disagree. A cb/fs with Minkah's skills is putting Minkah in at least top ten. Let's put it this way -

if both Minkah and McGlinchey end up being all pros... Minkah is a dynamic ADDITION to the future wins, over McGlinchey.

.. McGlinchey isn't a Joe Thomas - he has been speed rushed here and there, I would be fine

if the Browns picked him, but If I was picking - nope. McGlinchey is that good, but I can draft

this OT in the second round, he can play LT. I think Joe Thomas will come back another year...and Drango has impressed

me, most of the time... at LT for now. 

  Andre Dillard, OT, Washington State
Height: 6-5. Weight: 300.
Projected 40 Time: 5.14.
Projected Round (2018): 2-4.

11/11/17: Dillard is a player who has created some positive buzz in the scouting community. Sources say he has some quickness with athletic ability to go with NFL size. Dillard is quick to get out of his stance with the ability to hit blocks on the second level. His quick feet and agility have impressed team sources for an NFL-sized blocker. Some team sources feel Dillard has left tackle potential for the NFL and like him more than other highly touted tackle prospects like Washington's Trey Adams and Texas' Connor Williams. With his quality play protecting the blind side of Luke Falk, the junior Dillard has turned himself into a player to watch for the 2018 or 2019 draft.
Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2018OT.php#Kmc05TC9IDH4MK1R.99
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Kizer would have to do unbeleivable things in the next few games for us not to get a qb. The botched mccarrin trade pretty much tells u the coaches are done with him. Mccarron was gonna start next year and the qb we would take with the 1st was gonna sit behind him. 

So......if the heavens do open up and kizer shts all over the next 7 teams......than you'd have to think saquon would go 1st. But if someone in the top 3-5 really wanted saquon....id bend them the fuk over and still end up with top tier talent. Not interested in dropping out of the top 5 tho. 

Negatory on chubb. We need a veteran DE opposite garrett next year. Chubb will go top 10 and we need so much before we need another DE. If this was a bosa/garrett type talent then finevid think about it...but I dont see that in chubb. If he's still there with the texans pick....ok 

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46 minutes ago, Clevfan4life said:

Kizer would have to do unbelievable things in the next few games for us not to get a qb. The botched mccarron trade pretty much tells u the coaches are done with him. Mccarron was gonna start next year and the qb we would take with the 1st was gonna sit behind him. 


^^^^  This, and exactly it. What would be the possible rationale of trading for McCarron, if the Harvard guys think there's any hope of Kizer being the long term answer? To win a couple games this year? Not buying it. Heck, we essentially bought a second round pick for $16 million, so that meant the Brainless trust thought MCCarron was worth that- and more.  :)  

Nah, Kizer will most likely be the designated pinata in 2018 while our QBOTF sits and watches how not to play football. That is, if he's still even on the team- and Hue's still the coach. Stay tuned.  

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I mean, I see what you mean and I obviously don't have a crystal ball, but it's safe to say the odds are against Kizer. We're an 0-9 football team that is starting to suffer key injuries. This  happens to every team, every year, and bad football teams generally have worse depth than better ones. Now, Kizer DOES get massive help (as of right now) from Corey Coleman and soon to be Josh Gordon. That would help anybody, but both those guys haven't been able to stay on the field for different reasons. If they DO manage to play together the final 5 games, I'd be very interested to see if Kizer's numbers improve. 

But before any of that happens, we need better play from our tight ends. Njoku is really struggling like many of us predicted (rookie tight ends notoriously struggle as rookies due to complexity of position) and he's missing blocks as well as not producing as a weapon. Devalve could've cost us the game single handily, and we can't overcome those types of mistakes. We're just not good enough to spot another team 7 points. 

What hurt so badly in the Detroit game is the fact we had the running game cooking and this opened up some easier passes for our embattled QB. We also had WRs making plays (finally) and Britt showed up as well as a huge play by Coates. We had so many things FINALLY going right, but we just couldn't get it ALL going. Turnovers, injuries, missed assignments, and poor clock management (as well as a nice dikking from officials btw) did us in. It's just more painful than usual because this was a game where other aspects of our team showed up, but others let us down. 

Kizer is certainly "up against it", but I'm somewhat encouraged by his last effort. He just CAN'T have a severe regression this week, and it won't be easy playing against a hot team with something to fight for. They're also physical on both sides of the ball, and I'm left wondering how our defense will look without Collins. I'll tell you one thing....if we get Dreggs or another WR open down the field again, we HAVE to hit it. Obviously Kessler screwed that up last game, but that's an aspect of our offense that's been missing for quite some time now. 

Cmon Kizer....give us a reason. A reason NOT to talk quarterback in November. 

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