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Being Shoved into Meaninglessness - so much for the "higher" in liberals' "higher education"


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Apparently, in order to undermine who we are, even gender has to be asininely disputed as fact.

So much for their fake dedication to SCIENCE.


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3 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

Oh joy, another post attacking book learnin' 



Don't worry Cal, when I think of posters that follow science, I think of you

you missed the point as most always, woodypeckerhead. Look past that point of your beak.

It isn't about attacking education, it's about liberal education not affecting ignorance, and in your case, post flatulence.

Science is like religion - there are always those who are infantile and maladjusted socially, so much, that they use either one

to make themselves feel like they have a reason to to believe they are important to the world.

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2 hours ago, TexasAg1969 said:

Ironic that the poster who remains ignorant about the lying hoard in the Trump Family Empire, has posted a poster about ignorant voters. LOL!:lol:

yes, the clintons never lied, right? no democrat ever lied..only republicans lie because you are mad you lost the election.

Have a nice day, watch for me at the Browns game, I'll be wearing my Browns helmet. 

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