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Hybrid Vehicles

The Gipper

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I am taking a trip to Napa Valley next April.  Landing in San Francisco Airport. Using my timeshare. All set up with airfare, rooms etc.

Plus I have reserved my rental car.  It is an Intermediate size Toyota Prius Hybrid. 

Does, or has anyone driven one of these?  I will likely have 3 people in the car.....will that size suffice?   And what is up with the operation of it?  I know  it runs on both gas an electric.....but I don't think I am ever going to have to charge it up, am I?  That would not be convenient. And I guess it sounds like the car shuts off when you come to a stop?

Give me the scoop on it if you can.  Thanks.

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yep, a friend has one. It goes quiet like it's off, I guess it is, at stop lights. Seems to drive fine - I think it recharges as it

drives on the gas engine when necessary. something like that.

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