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Stupid lefty Giffords declares war on...muzzleloaders


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"anything you can do, we can oppose better...we can oppose anything better than you...."

"no you can't...yes ...we can...."

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That article, as usual, isnt quite telling the whole story. That group isnt contending the legality of muzzleloaders. What they're saying is that muzzleloaders should be classified as any other type of firearm subject to the same restrictions. I didnt know this but apoarently muzzle loaders can be owned and operated by convicted felons. 

I still think its pretty meaningless, i mean no one is going on a shooting spree with a muzzle loader. But at least the facts are straight now and we've correctly identified the position these people are taking. Instead of letting ammoland cup the balls while feeding us a line if semi bullshyt. 

Always with the due dilligence

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