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Presidential Lifespans

The Gipper

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 This is history, not politics.  As of about a week ago, George HW Bush has now lived longer than any President has ever lived. 93 years, 172 days. He beat the record of Gerald Ford. 93/165..who lived 45 days longer than Ronald Reagan 93/120. Jimmy Carter is still alive and is approaching Reagan and Ford. He is currently at 93/61. The President who had the shortest life span was, as you might expect, John F. Kennedy. 46 years, 177 days.


 Lincoln had the 4th shortest life span. Only Kennedy, Garfield and Polk died younger...and as you know, of these only Polk was not assassinated.

Also....as you may have heard, Trump is the oldest person ever to have taken the office. 70 years, 220 days. Beating Reagan who was 69/344. Reagan was the oldest at the end date of his Presidency. 77 years, 349 days. In fact....Trump was older when he took office than any other President but Reagan was when they left office. Eisenhower to date was second oldest behind Reagan when he left office at 70 years, 98 days.

Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest person when he took office at 42 years, 322 days. Followed in order by Kennedy, Clinton, Grant, and Obama.. In addition to these 5, Cleveland, Pierce, Garfield and Polk each took office before they turned 50.

 Only Buchanan, William Henry Harrison, Reagan and Trump took office when they were 65 or older.

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Interesting stuff for one tough but brief job, they must have good health care coverage and other perks, lol.

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