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Obama Set to Create A Cybersecurity Czar With Broad Mandate

Mr. T

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Obama appoints "czars" because they don't have to be approved by Congress, and they


only answer to Obama.


Very bad. Has any other pres in history come so close to being a Soviet era tyrant ?


I suppose the next "czar" will be Obama's "election czar" who will get him a third


term... with no election.


Well, I think our country is headed for bad times, and it has nothing to do with


Obama's color of skin, except that's how he got into power.


Makes me wonder - why do all this, if it will just be undone four years from now?


Answer: "uh-oh" The Bark is falling off the ugly Obama tree and the really worrisome tree


is starting to show underneath. And it ain't pretty.... @@

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