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GM Reese...bring him in?


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14 minutes ago, Bob806 said:

NYG fired him, along with McAdoo.

Is that your football guy, in waiting? 2 Super Bowl wins. Get him on the phone now.

A guy that inherited a super bowl roster that carried over to the second and did little else with it besides ignore the Oline?  Nah, I'll pass  

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5 hours ago, nickers said:

Pass.... There's a reason he was fired

failed high draft picks since Odel. rumors are The old timers want Gettleman back in NY. Bob McAdoo-doo "Don't be that Guy"  

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Gints once had stellar OL and running game which, IMO, helped eli's short comings. he is about as mobile as kosar was and having 6 star receivers to go up and one hand grab over-thrown passes (right hoorta?) to win SB is great and all but when your allstar WR crew is hurt and you didn't replenish OL depth and have bums as bad as ours trying to run and catch equals doom.

bernie for gets to say c.o.c.k. in front of pump every line.


this is more like it:


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