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Why Josh Allen is a great pick for the Browns, and Clayton Thorson is, too !


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The girlfriend appraisal. Last year, Wentz had his girlfriend of a good while, and no pic of Goff having a girlfriend could be found.

So, based on my scientificly spontaneous deduction... it's Josh Allen - he has the tie breaker. Forget silly stats


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apparently, Josh Rosen is a bad pick for the Browns. He has a girlfriend from the University of Arizaona. UCLA is in California.

When you are such a jackwagon you have to go out of state to have a girlfriend...just cross him off the "should be drafted" list, I say.


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Yep, a different drunken problem with the local police force. He was visiting with his girlfriend in Arkansas.

He used to date a gal from another state, but matured as a qb and started dating Mayberry. So, all in all, he puts

himself back on the maybe gets put back on the list...list.2b9e58a04f55aa9e8c5abbe8de50643f.jpg

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well, here is Darnold and his girlfriend. But she goes to another university. Too bad, he surely must also be

a jackwagon. So, cross him off the list. dammit. btw, he fumbles a LOT, so it's no big thing.


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now that we see rosen is off the list, right up there with Allen.... is Clayton Thorson, who is now engaged

to his longtime girlfriend. So, you know as a future star pro qb, he has "IT".



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yeah, could be. I guess he dates around, but his coach tries to limit that and keep him about football.

So, really, we don't know if Mason makes the list or not,  so we leave him Goff-like off the list for now.

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Not that I subscribe to your theory, but Luke Falk should be on the Browns’ draft board.

Dating Mallori Lindberg from the WSU cross country team. Smokeshow.



Or better yet, Nick Fitzgerald, who’s dating Miss South Carolina/Falcons cheerleader



Will Grier is married to a former Bucs cheerleader, but he got her knocked up first. Plus, the whole drug thing.


Jake Browning is off limits, since he’s dating a J student at rival Oregon. I think she’s the cutest of the bunch though.



Kenny Hill has a Dallas Cowboys staffer 


Trace McSorley’s PSU field hockey gf...


Brett Rypien is dating this BSU soccer cutie



Tanner Mangum’s BYU volleyball wife


I don’t care where she’s from, if we’re basing QBs on their girlfriends, Kyle Allen would be the top pick.




In all all seriousness though, any QB can have a nice looking girlfriend from their school; there’s always jersey chasers out there.

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I don't understand the whole "another school", "out of state" disqualifier, but any time spent on it takes the exercise too seriously... so instead...

Wonder how my darkhorse does?

Turns out Kurt Benkert is married.


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Actually, being married, your guy Benkert... he'll probably rock the combine and his status of being married will

make his stock skyrocket....

now, my darkhouse late round pick qb, Nick Stevens of Colorado St. is ALSO MARRIED !

fancy that. Both darkhorse qb's are married. They should go higher in the draft now.


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3 minutes ago, calfoxwc said:

and are you a qb? we are talking qb intangibles here. get a grip on yourself.

Again....are you forgetting to use the Pink font?  You can't be serious if you think that being married is what it takes to make a QB good....no less being married to a girl from the same school. 

There is a commercial going around where they talk about people with Parkinson's having delusions and Hallucinations. Have you been tested for Parkinson's lately?

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I didn't use the pink font because that would be too much pink. It would all be in pink.

anybody with a sense of humor at all knows I'm being funny, at least in my own sense of humor. The pink font

is more for sarcasm, and my ultra-stependous ignorant picks are not sarcastic, and neither is my scientifically

spontaneous deductional methology jobbies.

Now just go with it - I laughed. It's to have fun with it.


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This thread is weird..... kind of like a train wreck. I shouldn't even click, much less scroll.... but here I am. 

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2 hours ago, D Bone said:

This thread is weird..... kind of like a train wreck. I shouldn't even click, much less scroll.... but here I am. 

I'm gonna agree with you on that.

Then again I am very much pro-young marriage so I like where cal's going.

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1 hour ago, wargograw said:

I'm gonna agree with you on that.

I know it's been cold, but I had no idea that Hell had frozen over. 

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