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Dept. AG. Rosenstein: "No cause" to fire Mueller


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5 minutes ago, jbluhm86 said:

Probably not. And frankly most of the talk of trump firing Mueller is just made up by the anti Trump press. They like to keep that issue in everyone's mind as if Trump might actually fire Mueller. 

I mean if he ever said he was considering firing him that might be an issue but they want you to think that he is. You'll notice that every time it gets mentioned than the other pundits on the left-wing panel all ring their hands and chime in as to what a disaster that would be.

I have no doubt that many of his team are partisan and actively anti the president, but until they actually do something illegal I don't know what can be done.


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dirty rosenstein and corrupt moeller should be resigning though - over their involvement

in the dirty clinton uranium one deal. They are both desperately cya to not be indicted themselves.

rosenstein appointed moeller , dirty scum protects dirty scum, or they all fall down.

They are loyal "nazi" deep state players, and they hate our Pres Trump.

Rosensteing was being grilled by Congress today, and was avoiding answering questions and

diverting to nonsense. he's guilty of corruption like a mafia soldier.


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