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corrupt dem deep state - offering 750,000 dollars to women to say bad things about Trump


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well, who would make up lies for nothing, eh?

the gov corruption has exploded all over our gov..


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well, they paid for a fake "dossier" to get Trump, they have no problem paying more to other people to still get Trump.

They refuse to let go of their power in our gov. Which means, they will run us over if the left gets a chance.

Big serious trouble is here, and it's going to get a lot worse.

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you have so many people - dems/clinton hacks...who are refusing to accept Trump as our ELECTED president...

that sets a profoundly dangerous precedent on our entire country. That is what the deep state IS.

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1 hour ago, Clevfan4life said:

Right. Thats "these guys" view of the "deep state" because that's what they're being fed daily. 

Whatever you say, sheep.



Right Trump? Sheep is the correct term? Is that what they're saying on Fox? Oh they are? Got it, thanks boss. 


Yeah, sheep!

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8 minutes ago, MLD Woody said:

I can't imagine anyone not respecting the president, and acting like they aren't "their" president. Maybe repeatedly putting "president" in quotes. Giving the president an insulting nickname. 



... Couldn't imagine it.

Did somebody here demand respect for the presidency? I don't remember that particular argument being made.


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5 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

Obama is sitting in his evil, underground layer right now plotting on ways to destroy Christmas and impeach Trump.



Actually, isn't he over in Europe somewhere giving speeches and talking openly about it? Or was that last week

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