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Mueller's allegedly lawless acts have corrupted his probe and demand his removal


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I've been calling him dirty mueller, but they are looking glaringly similar to a crime syndicate. Mueller is like a clinton's hitman, who subcontracts other assassins...of character.. All this corruption coming out because they lost a freaking election, after winning twice?

seems that they all figured to have a permanent lockhold on their power etc in our gov regardless of who the president is.   Just how powerful IS the cia, fbi, doj etc, when they can work to ruin anyone else in gov who stands in the way of them

"owning" all of our gov? John and Bobby Kennedy - stand up American prsidents - assasinated. Reagan - stand up AmericanPresident- attempted assassination.   weird, eh?

Presidents who play the deep state game - are ...safe? But you let an American President not be a threat to the deep state...

Bushes, obamao, LBJ, Bill Clinton (actually, higgardly)...they are just safe? Well, seems like it could be worth considering. Is there really a pattern there? Add Trump to the mix... and trying to lure women to make stuff up/say bad things about Trump to the tune of 750000 dollar bribes? A paid for fake dossier, used by the fbi/doj, to run a fake investigation to get Trump on anything they can come up with? Openly hostile, partisan group of "investigators" opposed to Trump being elected....being hired by dirty mueller, who was a close chum of Comey (former head of fbi, covered for higgardly's crimes)...and a signer off of the clinton's dirty uranium one deal?

  The thousands and thousands of higgardly emails being deleted didn't only protect (so far) higgardly...it also protected all the other dirty players who would have received/sent emails to and from her? dirty obamao/holder "fast and furious" gun giving to the mexican cartels while they were blaming American gun owners for the violence in Mexico? Dirty Lynch meeting with bill clinton on tarmac in "her" jet, just before that same dirty partisan "investigator" of the FBI, who was kicked off mueller's get Trump staff...the same one who did NOT record higgardly interviews and never once put her under oath?

   Dirtier and more corrupt every week.  Maybe the deep state crime syndicate figures that if they go down, they are going to take Trump, and all of us, with them.

  oh, I was saying "big serious trouble" for a long time, but it was far too early in the beginning... but now...big serious trouble is here.  We don't want the deep state's approval and control over who we are allowed to elect as our president. This corrupt garbage must stop now.

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And muellers team just responded with a "wtf are u babbling about we obtained everything legally". Hate to breakk it to y'all but this is how incestigations work in law enforcement. Mueller likely got from flynn rolling the legal justification to get this stuff. Apparently it pertains alot to kushner these transition emails. 

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