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If some division 3 backup safety......


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were to replace peppers for a game, would anyone be able to tell and when there be any difference at all?

Here is a guy who doesnt make any big plays.  None.  Zero.  All year.  Well no problem....the d3 backup safety would match him there.  You can't break up fewer than zero passes after all.

It's within the realm of possibility that the backup division 3 safety would make a tackle way down the field as peppers occasionally does to match him there.

The backup d3 safety could take bad  late angles and give up 30+ yard touchdown passes to tight ends just as well as peppers does like he did today again, so he could match him there.

Honestly, I don't thin we'd lose anything.

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8 hours ago, Louisville Slugger said:

I think getting him experience can't hurt. We don't have anyone better so let the younging take the snaps.

When we drafted him i expected him to bust on the defense but earn his draft slot on special teams.

a first round pick can earn his slot as a return specialist?  He would have to be devon hester on steroids to do that!!

And clearly on special teams he looks ordinary, and that's being generous. 

Peppers was a horrible horrible pick, and I see no reason to keep playing him

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If he develops into a stud special teamer than we couldn't call him a bust but yea you would hope he contributes on defense. 1st rounders bust all of the time so as long as he's not a Mingo, Richardson, or almost any of our other picks we can't complain. C'mon man were browns fans the bar is pretty low

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