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Great and Not so Great Coach/QB combinations

The Gipper

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We are probably all aware of some of the greatest Coach/QB combinations in history:


Paul Brown/Otto Graham

Vince Lombardi/Bart Starr




George Halas/Sid Luckman

Tom Landry/Roger Staubach

Any others?   


But now, we likely have the opposite side of the coin.   We may have THE worst Coach/QB combination in league history

Does anyone know of some of the really horrible Coach/QB combinations in history?   I guess that we can look at the expansion Tampa Bay Bucs.  John McVay and Steve Spurrier went 0-12 that year.  (Spurrier did not last...he was gone the next year)

Who else here?

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Here is a note:    Hue Jackson is listed as only having the 76th worse record in NFL history.....being saved by his 8-8 record with the Raiders.


Of recent vintage......Marty Morningwheg actually has a worse overall record than Hue....at 5-27.   Though that is also the exact record of Chris Palmer.

A couple of guys actually lost at least 10 games in their careers, and never won any:  Fay Abbott, and Jim Crowley.

Also note....the guy with the worst record ever, but who actually won a playoff game was John McVay.....HC of those Buccaneers.

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