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How the Browns got their Name

The Gipper

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In the early 1940's, the scum owner of a pro football team started his new team in a small town near Katmai National Park, in Alaska. He had originally started his team there, because there was no major newspaper or media to deride his constant poor business decisions. The name of the team was the Katmai Kodiaks, after the giant brown bears in Alaska. His plan was to build a 200 yard floating dock to hold the games on. But with a lack of funding, constant opposition from the local Alaskan natives and the Alaskan Fisheries organization, that project was scrapped, so they started their first season playing on the town's small high school 120 seat football field.   He soon began to complaining bitterly, as always, that it wasn't not fair - he didn't have the stadium to attract 80000 fans like  other pro teams, and the NFL finally got a new commish in Pete Rozell, who implored a young and upcoming hs coach to call the scum owner, and convince him to move his team to Cleveland Ohio, where he could have a far bigger stadium, with winter weather a lot like in Alaska, and funding to help build the stadium.

So it was, that they moved to Cleveland, Ohio, but as much as anyone tried, the scum owner refused to change the name of his team, until one day, the only coach he could hire, Paul Brown - the only coach with the know how and confidence to mold the Kodiaks into a championship team and fill the stadium - told him he was the only coach in America that would take the head coaching position, but...

it was stupid to try to keep the name "Kodiaks" because  NFL fans weren't going to stop laughing. So, frustrated that Brown was the only coach who would accept, grudging accepted Paul Brown as his new coach - and allowed the NFL to name his team his second choice - the Bears. The trouble was, there was already a team in Chicago named the BEARS, which really make the scum owner furious, since he didn't know that. Finally, Paul Brown told him there were plenty of brown bears in Alaska, why not just name them the "BROWNS".

    So, history doesn't tell this often - but it wasn't his last name that was the key, but rather Paul Brown's suggestion - Paul Brown came up with the real name of the Cleveland Browns. So, "now you know the rest of the story."



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