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Columbia student - shut reps on campus up by punching them in the face...


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So, as a point of reference to nazis and liberals both using economics as an immediate weapon

of destroying political/religious opposition:



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13 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

Good to see she's following the lead of our great president

woodypeckerhead again - you really should find some way of

learning about a subject...any subject. I was correct - you ...just.....can't.....stop it.

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1 hour ago, The Cysko Kid said:

Nobody is going to acknowledge that these cucks are getting beaten up by millennial democrats? The shame is real.

Ive been laughing about this for months. When i see some of these utter white as the driven snow flakes, getting way the fuk over on these supposedly tuff as schit real'muricans......i just laugh and shake my head. Like they actually bragged about decking that weird flippy foot hippy chick, remember her? Im lime oh dear god these cucks are for real. Antifa is nothing but emo hippy wannabe's that think they actually emulate the 60's gen that wete the last real americans. 

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