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Proof of Trump Admin general incompetence...Haley pranked by russians..


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2 hours ago, Clevfan4life said:

Didn't even finish the video, god only knows what she discussed. It just made me furious that high ranking officials in our govt somehow can be pranked and lured into discussing potentially classified things by internet radio kunts from foreign countries. I mean fuk me running. 

Furious? Me oh my.



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4 hours ago, MLD Woody said:

Hasn't this been done to a lot of politicians?

Yeah, apparently by the same two russian clowns. Its one thing to sit down with someone u think is a journalist....but blabbing on the phone to someone u beleive is ur polish counterpart and theres not checks that our officials go through to make sure it really is that person on the other line.....i mean holy fuk. Smh

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liberals love self-serving lies. and fake dossiers. and corrupt lefty proclinton fbi agents....

and corrupt ag's...and presidents....

the truth is coming out. what a liberal profoundly corrupt bunch, what a mess.

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