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Playoffs status

The Gipper

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Nine of the 12 playoff teams are already established:    Pats, Steelers, Jags, Chiefs, Eagles, Vikings, Saints, Panthers, Rams

To Be Determined:

A.  Who will have the #1 seed in the Conferences,  between NE and Pitt in AFC and Minn and Philly in NFC

B. All divisions clinched except NFC South...between Carolina and New Orleans

C. 4 teams, I believe are still in the running for the 2 AFC WC spots:  Ravens, Bills, Titans, Chargers.

D. Two teams, I believe, are still in running for one NFC WC:  Seahawks/Falcons.  (N.O/Caro. division loser is in as WC)

E. Bye weeks are still up in the air in both conferences.

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Right now, the Browns would have the #1 pick...which is clinched, plus the #4 pick from Houston.

The other team that would own 3 first round picks is Buffalo. They own their own plus the pick of the Chiefs.

Only 2 games this week between playoff contending teams:

Panthers vs. Falcons.     Ps looking for Division title.....Falcons looking for a WC spot

Jags vs. Titans.  Jags have clinched Division title...but could get a bye if they beat the Tits...and the Browns beat the Steelers (HAHAHAHAHA)

Also...big game....for us:   Texans vs. Colts.    Right now, Colts hold #3 draft pick....DATs #4.  If Colts wins, possible that Browns then would have the DATS #3 pick....giving them #1 and #3.   Not sure about that though.    If DATS win however, their pick could go from #4 down to as low as #9.   It depends on the SOS...which I am not sure of.   

Maybe some of you have some info on that.

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