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Man sues Cleveland Browns WR Corey Coleman, others over 2016 New Year's Eve beating

Canton Dawg

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So it looks like the charges against Coleman weren’t...”dropped”?


CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman, his half-brother and roommate are named in a lawsuit over a 2016 New Year's Eve beating that happened inside Coleman's downtown apartment building.

Adam Sapp says in the suit filed Friday the Browns player and Jonathan Coleman, Jared Floyd and several other unnamed defendants attacked him, then carried his bloodied and unconscious body into the building's parking garage and left him lying on a speed bump.

Sapp's lawsuit filed Friday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court also says the defendants inflicted permanent physical and emotional distress on Sapp.

The lawsuit seeks at least $25,000 to make up for Sapp's past and future medical costs, as well as punitive damages from both Colemans, Floyd, and three unnamed attackers listed as John Doe defendants. 

Sapp also accuses the management company of Pinnacle Condominiums and three unnamed security guards of negligence because there was no guard stationed at the front desk that was about 10 feet from where the attack took place.

Floyd and Jonathan Coleman were charged with felonious assault in the incident, but prosecutors did not ask a grand jury to consider charges against Corey Coleman citing a lack of evidence. Floyd pleaded guilty to attempted felonious assault and is awaiting sentencing, and a judge declared a mistrial in November when Jonathan Coleman's trial ended with a hung jury.

Jonathan Coleman is set for a second trial on Feb. 5.

"My client looks forward to seeking justice and holding all parties responsible for the vicious beating," Sapp's lawyer, Craig Weintraub, told cleveland.com Tuesday.

The lawsuit says Sapp, then 26, attended a New Year's Eve party at a friend's apartment inside the building, and left to grab a cellphone charger from his car. He ran into Floyd, Jonathan Coleman and the others in the elevator, and exchanged words with them, the lawsuit says.

Video of the attack shows Floyd and Jonathan Coleman as they confronted Sapp in the lobby outside the elevators. Floyd punched Sapp as he stood in the elevator trying to go back upstairs, and then Sapp fought back and Jonathan Coleman got involved.

The fight escalated and eventually ended, and Sapp walked toward the parking garage and tried to leave, the lawsuit says.

Corey Coleman emerged from the stairwell and is seen on video pointing in the direction where Sapp was headed, police have previously said.

The group followed Corey Coleman out of the view of the security camera.

The lawsuit claims that the Colemans, Floyd, and the other three men attacked Sapp, knocked him unconscious and ruptured his eardrum. 

Jonathan Coleman and Floyd then picked up Sapp's body and carried him to the garage and laid him down on a speed bump. A bystander eventually yelled and got them to stop.

Sapp was taken to St. Vincent Charity Medical Center for treatment.

Corey Coleman denied being involved in the beating. He hired criminal defense attorney Kevin Spellacy within days of the fight. Spellacy hired a private investigator to conduct a separate investigation as Cleveland police detectives carried out their investigation.

Corey Coleman was initially identified as taking part in the beating, but investigators ruled out charging him after DNA samples taken from Sapp's clothing matched only Floyd's DNA, and Sapp said he did not see who hit him.


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I can't believe that professional sportsmen can be related to this kind of shi!t. It's sad and very stupid.

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2 hours ago, TexasAg1969 said:

Well at least Coleman can beat somebody.:P

He drops balls, and hopes the DA will follow suit with the charges.

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Here is the good news part of the story. If Coleman goes to jail, it won't hurt the Browns.

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7 hours ago, gumby73 said:

ok, ok, I'll get the keys to the Pit of Misery holding cells..:P  

LOL! Dilly Dilly!!:D

I actually own stock in Bud. I don't like it one bit, but it has good dividends and makes money. Dilly Dilly!:P

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3 minutes ago, miktoxic said:

you sir, are joking, correct?

If you are talking about the 'I can't believe' part, it's an expression. Of course I can believe it, but it just amazes me how stupid that kind of stuff is, when you are a pro athlete who gets paid millions.

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first time with money can do a lot of things to an ego maniac.

ray lewis. jamal lewis. and the infamous ray carruth are the first to come to mind. even though they love their moms, the lack of a father figure shows no way to model your behaviour. hell, i wonder how many trouble makers started in HS then through college and onto your team? can't be the first time this fool was out at 3am (not cc, but in general).

i'd say 95% of the guys are decent people but most turned to sports to get them and their families out of their situation. so sometimes you revert back to what you know.

nothing good happens after midnite at the clubs.

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16 hours ago, Ghoolie said:

Here is the good news part of the story. If Coleman goes to jail, it won't hurt the Browns.

What is it about the word "lawsuit" you don't understand?  There are now criminal charges....the plaintiff just wants money damages awarded him in a civil action. 

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