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I know this is a bit belated...and maybe covered some elsewhere, but lets look at the Coaching Carousel in the NFL:

Filled jobs:

Lions....tap Matt Patricia  DC Pats

Bears....tap Matt Nagy  OC  Chiefs?

Raiders...tap Jon Gruden

Still open:

New York Giants

Indianapolis Colts

Arizona Cardinals.

What rumors are you all hearing about these jobs? 

Here are some names still being bandied about:

Jeff Fisher

Josh McDaniels

Pat Shurmur

Steve Spagnuolo

Jim Schwartz

Dave Toub

Teryl Austin

John DeFillipo

Frank Reich...Captain Comeback

Mike Vrabel

and these beauties:

Bill Cowher.....if Gruden can get 100 mill....maybe that kind of money could entice him to come back

Jim Harbaugh

Bill Belichick.   Maybe, maybe the Giants are just waiting till BBs season ends to approach him.

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14 hours ago, Dutch Oven said:

How funny would it be if the Giants could somehow get Belichick to coach them?

I mean, as if Patriots fans could hate the Giants any more.  :lol:

I am actually hoping for it....though it would be even funnier if it were the Jets....same division.

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