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Browns 1st 5 picks


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We really need a QB at 1.

At #1: I would choose either Allen or Darnald.  Either would require we choose a vet in FA.  We need one regardless.

At #2: Saquon Barclay.  With a good QB, can you imagine this guy at RB.  Just image the Steelers putting guys up to the line to stop him.  A vet QB throwing the ball if so and don't forget about Duke Johnson.   Much talk about Minkah Fitzpatrick, but even if he's there, I would still take Barclay.  I would only take Minkah if Barclay is gone.

At #3: Either Denzel Ward (Ohio State CB) or Joshua Jackson (Iowa CB)  Whichever is available.  This upgrades that position we desperately need.  And don't forget the Howard Wilson (CB) we drafted out of Houston last year.  He will be healthy and ready to go.

At #4: An OT in this position, the best on on the board.  We need someone to replace Joe Thomas and this will be the best place.

At #5: We take the best WR on the table.  Yes, we will have Gordon and Coleman and perhaps Pryor in FA, but we need a good WR to step up and challenge for the position.  Make Coleman work hard to earn the starting job.  BTW, someone with size please.  At least 6-1, no more shorties.

Can you believe after this we will only be out of RD 2.


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I will throw my hat into the ring. This is under the assumption, we a ) have all our picks b ) AJ McCarron is a FA and the browns sign him c) they sign Aaron Donald to a massive contract

#1 Darnold: He is everything Hue wants in a qb. he took a step back and is a little rough around the edges but he has everything else you want and with McCarron on board you can groom him to take over in the future

#4 Fitzpatrick: He fills multiple spots and allows for defensive flexibility. He's a starter day 1 and is considered one of the top 2 players in the draft. I skip Saquon here because this draft is really deep in RB's. I'll take Love, Penny, Michele, or Jones and be just as happy in the later rounds. 

#3 Best Player available my guess is still in the first round as they will trade back into using a plethora of later picks. Ideally this would be OT but you never know and don't reach. Good chance this ends up being the RB in my scenario

#4 & #5 these picks are gone because they just traded them to AZ for Patrick Peterson. Boom. This team's defense just went from good to scary good. 

#6-12- BPA. Fill in the gaps, have fun. No chance they leave the draft with all of their picks. Some of these will be traded to manipulate up the board.


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This draft is going to be crazy.

Like this:

The Browns trade their first overall pick to Washington - and they take Rosen. The Browns get Kirk Cousins, their 14th overall pick, a #1 pick next year, and their 2nd  and 4th round picks this year.

Well, if I'm going to dream, I"m dreaming big.

So, the Browns land Mickah Fitspatrick with their #4 pick in the draft.

With their 14th pick from Washington,  the Browns pick...Josh Allen, qb, Wyoming.

The Browns three picks in the second round:

 Billy Price OC/G, Ohio State ( I know, he's supposed to go a bit earlier...)

Mike Hughes, cb, Central Florida

Sony Michel, rb, Georgia

The Browns draft a few wr's later, sign a notable free agent wr.

like Jarvis Landry, or Devonte' Adams.....

so, there ya go.:)


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2 minutes ago, Flyin J said:

In what alternate universe do you guys live in?  How are the new Maddens anyway?  

It's the Browns Board. Endless draft talk. We're all a bunch of Ray Farmers lol.

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1 hour ago, TexasAg1969 said:

A Browns' nightmare come true!:lol:

what about my other picks? That took me ten whole minutes of figuring.

 Mean, the trade down could happen, and Cousins would start and let Allen develop into

a future star qb... Michel has my attention the last two games... I was watching Chubb.

and Hughes? Price?

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#1, we trade to washington or the giants, but definitely get a few teams battling for the # pick. 

#2, lets see we trade to the giants, we grab minkah at 2. At 4 We grab the best possible QB we can or the QB we like. And hopefully we land cousins.

If we could get minkah, barkley, and a top QB by trading up some of our endless assets, i'd be thrilled.

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Saquon Barkley


Vita Vea/James Washington/St. Brown

Marcus Allen

Isiah Oliver/Simmie Cobbs Jr

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4 hours ago, darren15 said:

Bills have 2 first round picks.....if they offered them both to move up to 4 would you take it, or would they need to offer more  ?

It would depend who was on the board still. 

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Just now, calfoxwc said:

sorry, but that doesn't work - they'd probably be gone regardless.

They would be gone... at the bills' two picks? I meant, if we went to trade 4 to the Bills for 22/23, it would depend on how was taken up to 4. My bad. 

I have had a vision of Barkley slicing through the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their inability to do anything about it. The frustration, the futility, the sadness. I've seen the stands in Browns Stadium erupt in jubilation as Barkley breaks into the open and makes them look silly trying to tackle him, of their humanity and failure being exposed as mere mortals, and the only thing they ever held was the power of illusion. We own the AFCN if we win the ground war. 

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