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Mike Browns hasn't had his best coaching experience thus far in this round but the players haven't responded either.


Some things I'd like to see..... some coaching and some playing:


--Mo continuing to be aggressive and pushing the tempo. Last game was the first time all playoffs he looked like his regular season self, but I thought Brown killed his Moementum by pulling him while completely on fire.


--More pick and pops with Z. I don't know why they haven't done this more but it helps free up the guard penetration and also forces Howard outside. The key is not having Z pop out too far. He can make out to 18 feet comfortably.


--You can't play Wallace and Andy simultaneously, it completely hinders the offense. Joe Smith should see more minutes also.


--They need to try to get over the top on picks more.


--Get Wally going.


--Foul Howard hard. Z did a better job of bodying up on him last game. You can't give him space when he gets the ball in the post.


--I'd like to see Brons on Turkoglu more.


--Cut down on the ridiculous turnovers without losing aggressiveness.


There's more, but if this team would just play close to their regular season level it shouldn't matter if Orlando kills it from three and Howard makes his FT's.



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Someone may want to guard Lewis


Fuch the double team on Howard,what's the point? nobodys' come close to slowing him down

foul him let him get his points from the line




I wish someone had tattooed those words on Mike Browns forehead !

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