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Internet Czar

What's the Internet Czar for?  

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  1. 1. We are getting an internet Czar for this reason:

    • It makes us all safer from cyber terrorists
    • To grind more tax money out of the consumers ass

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IT is IMPERATIVE to have a organized structure to defend our businesses from Russia/China/Nigeria etc. Cyber threats ARE almost more dangerous at this point than our border issues.


Then are you wondering why we don't address the border issues?


But I tend to agree even if it does seem like a job for the FBI.



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The FBI already has too many different duties to be truly effective. The other problem is the rapid pace of technology and really cyber "security" is in its infancy for all intensive practical purpose.


For instance right Now I am building another Data center, do I go by PCI compliance standards which are weak and vague, HIPPA guidelines which are subjective, Sarbanes Oxley which also suffers from being subjective.. at this point for other reasons we are going with NSA (CAG) guidelines just because they are the most stringent and honestly cover all bases from a liability standpoint.


A organized structure that solely is working on that discipline is EXTREMELY needed because of the scope of how the internet works. The hardware management alone I cant even fathom nor the infrastructure and software that would be needed is monstrous to say the least.


DATA is king of all value in the future and the vehicle that drives it lies in our Fiber optic networks that are open to threats.

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I agree Sev, to most of it...


but I think all that needed to be done was create a new branch of the FBI,


which negates the problem of inter-agency problems in communication.


And, "SOX", Sarbanes Oxley, is a bureaucratic nightmare, the mention of it makes


me cringe, although it was born out of top executive financial misdeeds in a certain scandal,


forget the name right now...


I wrote most of a new top executive SOX accountability compliance/verification software for a major, huge


corp a year and a half ago... SOX is pervasive, lol, but for a good cause...











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