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Late 1st round prospects


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It looks like the bottom of the first round is stocked with good wing players, which should be what we're looking for in the draft. All this is from nbadraft.net




Terrence Williams - Senior - Louisville

6'6 G/F


NBA Comparison: JR Rider/Corey Maggette


Strengths: Freakish athlete with a good build and a great feel for the game ... Really showed that he has matured from his freshman year, by leading Louisville to the overall number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament and an Elite Eight appearance ... He is a triple-double waiting to happen, averaged over 12 points per game, 8 rebounds per game, and over 5 assists per game ... He also led the team in steals with over 2 per game ... He is a defensive stopper who is able to guard multiple positions on the floor which should help him at the next level ... His vision and ability to pass are standout for a wing player ... Showed throughout the season that he has good ball handling skills and court sense ... Will be a 2-3 at the next level ... Has a great knack for knowing where the ball is, giving him an edge on the boards ... Put in the right situation, with the right expectations, he can really excel at the next level ...


Weaknesses: Although he has improved his 3-point shooting over his collegiate career from 31% to 38% his senior year, he will really need to continue his development at the NBA level. His offensive game remains his biggest weakness as he struggles to put points on the board consistently ... If his shot isn't dropping and an athletic defender is keeping him from getting to the rim, his offensive game goes into the tank ... Also needs to improve his ability to drive in the lane with his off-hand as well as continuing to develop his ball-handling ... These will be particularly important if he wants to play the 2 at the next level ... Sometimes likes to go for the "highlight" reel play instead of just making the easy play, and seems too relaxed when he's out on the court ... Can fade in and out of games. Needs to develop a killer instinct at all times ...



DaJuan Summers - Junior - Georgetown

6'8 SF


NBA Comparison: Caron Butler/Wilson Chandler


Strengths: An athletic, explosive wing player, whose muscular physique makes him a very promising talent … At 6’8 he has great size for the perimeter positions … He has nice bulk on his frame and he knows how to use it, whether its absorbing contact when getting to the hoop, or taking advantage of a mismatch in the low-post … Is proving that he is a reliable inside-outside threat as he has become a more consistent shooter from beyond the arc … His assist numbers may not show it, but he is a very unselfish player, letting his teammates get into a rhythm before he looks for his own shot … At 4.3 rebounds a game, his numbers aren’t very impressive, but his leaping ability and wide shoulders allow him to clear out space and get to the glass … Defensively he has good instincts and he has shown a willingness to play the passing lanes … This season so far he has been ultra efficient from the field, shooting a very impressive 58% …


Weaknesses: Has not yet proven that he has the killer instinct to take over a game … He depends on his strength too much to get by his defender as his first step is not first class … He is more comfortable operating out of the triple threat rather than working off the dribble, where he struggles handling the ball at times … His stroke is fairly smooth, but he takes too long to get his feet set and he has a tendency to dip the ball before bringing it to his shooting pocket, which slows his release substantially … Also his stance is off balance, which forces him to shoot fadeways even when he doesn’t need to … Has been turnover prone, getting into trouble by leaving his feet to make passes, he also tries to bully his way to the basket at times, resulting in offensive fouls … Defensively he has all the tools to defend a number of positions, but he seems lackadaisical as he plays with his hands down too often …



Sam Young - Senior - Pittsburgh

6'6 SF


NBA Comparison: Joey Graham


Strengths: A great athlete, possessing a strong body with a tremendous wingspan … Has shown major improvements through the course of his college career … Has put in serious work on his jumpshot, as a result he has become a reliable threat from the outside … One of the better leapers in college, he is able to finish with a variety of highlight plays … Even though it looks very awkward, his shot fake is surprisingly effective and it allows him to get by the defense … His strong body gives him the luxury of absorbing contact when attacking the basket … For all of his offensive gains, he is still a more valuable asset on the defensive end … His combination of size, length and athleticism allow him to lock down players from a variety of positions … He works extremely hard moving his feet and even though he is very aggressive, he is fairly disciplined and doesn’t take careless gambles …


Weaknesses: He is not the smoothest player, his movements lack fluidity and at times he looks very uncomfortable on offense … Part of the problem is his ballhandling, which is still very questionable, and it limits his ability to create off the dribble … His first step is less than spectacular and it forces him to try to create opportunities that are not always there, often resulting in careless plays … Improvements on his jumper have made him settle for more outside shots, instead of attacking the basket … Even though his shot is more consistent, it is nowhere near a finished product, his release is very herky jerky and his stance is off balance, causing him to shoot fadeways … He is old for his class, which naturally shortens his growth curve …



Derrick Brown - Junior - Xavier

6'8 SF


NBA Comparison: Robert Horry


Strengths: At a lanky 6-8, he has great size for the SF position … Has transferred his game effectively to the perimeter … Very explosive leaper … A southpaw, which gives him an unorthodox offensive game … Smooth release on his jumpshot; he has improved his accuracy and consistency drastically … Has extremely long strides that allow him to cover space with his first step as well as with his spin moves … His jab and shot fake are his go to moves and are very effective, forcing the defenders to back off … He is a crafty finisher around the hoop using his wingspan to make tough shots … From time to time he shows some nice hesitation and crossover moves that he uses off the dribble … Has the versatility to back people down in the post where he can use his length to finish … A very team oriented player, he looks to work within the offense to get his scoring opportunities … Has the ability to block shots thanks to his long arms …


Weaknesses: He has come a long way, but still lacks a specific go-to aspect to his game … A bit passive, does not look to take over and defers to teammates far too often … His first step is limited and his handles are a work in progress, which makes it difficult for him to get by people off the dribble … Nice leaping ability is somewhat wasted in the half court because he rarely gets his shoulders fully by the defender … Lacks upper body strength to play through contact … His release is fairly slow allowing defenders to close out on him, making open shots far more difficult … He is much more consistent shooting with his feet set … His pullup jumper is all over the place, at times he converts on difficult attempts, but very often he has bad misses … Does not create many opportunities for his teammates … His back to the basket game becomes predictable as he continuously turns to his right shoulder and shoots a fading jumper … Defensively, he lacks the lateral quickness to stay infront of perimeter players, and his body is not yet strong enough to let him guard PFs …



Dante Cunningham

6'8 SF/PF


NBA Comparison: George Lynch


Strengths: The standard bearer for development over the length of a collegiate career. His work ethic and desire to improve cannot be questioned ... He transformed himself from a scrappy, hustle, workingman's player into a polished offensive player and top scoring option on a final four team ... Named Big East Most Improved Player for the 2008-2009 season, increasing his PPG from 10 to 16 ... His mid range jumper from 15-19 feet is his ticket to the NBA ... He has a fluid, effortless stroke and quick release ... He seems destined to fill the role of a floor-spacer with an automatic jumper (a byproduct of his tireless work ethic and desire) ... Has a nice post game repertoire and fade-away jumper ... Shows excellent footwork in the paint ... Constantly active on offense, always moving in and out of spots, looking for openings ... Runs the floor exceedingly well and has a never-ending motor ... Routinely beats the opposition up and down the floor ... Always chases down what appear to be breakaway layups, coming up with some highlight reel swats ... Big wingspan gives him an edge on the glass and defensively ... Possesses good timing on shot blocks, averaging 1.2 as a Senior ... Versatile defender with superb lateral quickness: has the ability to guard much smaller players on the perimeter ... Plays his guts out for the duration of every game. Willing to do the dirty work and whatever it takes to win ...


Weaknesses: At 6-8, 230 lbs doesn't appear to have the have the size or bulk to play power forward at the next level. Doesn't possess the offensive skill set to play on the wing ... His ball handling is subpar for a wing player ... Needs to add more variety to his face up game. He either jab steps and takes a jumper, or puts his head down and bull rushes with his right hand ... Lacks any range. Has not shown three point range at the college level, taking only two three point attempts his entire career ... Cunningham is a solid athlete, but not overwhelming ... Lacks any serious explosion ... Had his shots sent back quite often in Big East play ... Will certainly have difficulty getting shots off inside against taller, more athletic competition ... Averaged 7.5 boards as a result of heart and hustle, but is not particularly quick off the floor ...





I'm hoping at least one of these guys falls to us. I know a new big man would be nice, but you can't expect to find one that will make an impact at the bottom of the first round. I think the team will definitely be looking at guys like this...big, athletic, experienced, two way perimeter players. Luckily it looks like there's plenty to choose from around our draft spot, and I don't think anyone is in more need of a wing player than us.

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Guest TheJokersWILD

I like Varejo's energy but damn he SUCKS as a scorer! I'm sure whatever bigman they get in the bottom of the first will be an upgrade over Andy. Let's not forget we also have Hickson which i think can develop into somethiing special.

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This year is even worse than most for bigs in the late 1st. According to nbadraft.net The only two available are Tyler Hansbrough, who, honestly, I wouldn't mind drafting. I've never thought he'd make it in the NBA, but he could be a more polished Varejao for us (but I still doubt he'll be there at 30)...and Taj Gibson who's 6'10, 214. That's about 60 pounds lighter than LeBron. Don't expect him to be anything more than Z-light.


I'd rather draft for size on the perimeter and get a low-budget big man in free agency (Chris Wilcox could be a great fit here). This of course is assuming Ferry pulls out all the stops in getting an Amare or Bosh or Dirk via trade or getting them signed early in the 2010 offseason.

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I wouldn't even draft a big man based on his passed play. The issues with most big men in the NBA are if they have the height, they are usually built awkward with terrible balance and foot movement (Z, Andy are prime examples). The big men who are built proportionally (Howard, Shaq) have success just based on pure athletic ability. Big men shouldn't shoot 18 foot jump shots, they need to be strong so they can dominate the paint on offense and defense. Block shots, get boards, make the dunks. Don't over coach the middle of the court!

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nbadraft.net has us taking Taj Gibson right now


The Cavs appear to have a year to make it happen before LeBron makes a long term decision on his future. Based on the help he got during the playoffs, it may be getting close to panic time. The frontcourt was obviously exposed in their series with Orlando. With no centers available, power forward may be their best alternative. Gibson may not have much strength, but his length offers an appealing option to throw at Superman defensively next year.



ESPN thinks it'll be Demarre Carroll, 6'8, 207 senior PF


Analysis: The Cavs could lose both Ben Wallace and Anderson Varejao this summer. Carroll isn't as big as those guys, but he's got the same sort of frantic energy that made them so successful. He's a blue-collar worker who would fit in well with what the Cavs do.




# Strong, athletic power player

# Scrappy

# Excellent motor

# Tough

# Pesky and physical on the defensive end of the ball

# A good offensive rebounder.




# A little undersized for his position

# Scouts think he's closer to 6-foot-7

# Needs to improve his perimeter game

# Still in the process of making a transition to the three




Yeah, I'll pass on both.

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  • 2 weeks later...

nbadraft.net still going with Taj Gibson. I really see zero chance of that happening.



Chad Ford (ESPN) now has us taking Derrick Brown, which makes much more sense. The team worked him out, and according to Cavalier Attitude (http://mvn.com/cavalierattitude/) that's pretty important.


The 2009 Draft will be Ferry's fifth draft as General Manager of this team. In the 4 previous drafts the Cavs have acquired (via actual drafting them or trading for them) 7 players and of those 7 players, 5 of them have been worked out by the Cavs. The only two players not worked out by the Cavs were 2005 draft pick (whom they traded for) Martyans Andriuskevicius and 2006 draft pick Ejike Ugboaja.


So what are the odds that Ferry and Co. pick someone that they worked out? Pretty good it looks like.




He's also a natural fit for our lineup. 6'9, athletic, strong, long, able to play SF and PF.


nbadraft has him going 24 to Portland. Blecher Report has him going to us as well.



I think I found my new favorite player, unless Budinger somehow slips to us.

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The only two available are Tyler Hansbrough, who, honestly, I wouldn't mind drafting. I've never thought he'd make it in the NBA.


Really? Man I thought he would be a upper first rounder. He's as NBA ready as anyone in the draft. I think a 15pt/8 rebound player right off the rip. I would like to draft him. But I don't think he will be there. I'd like to get Austin Daye or better yet BJ Mullens. Good site, nice find there CIMO.

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Really? Man I thought he would be a upper first rounder. He's as NBA ready as anyone in the draft. I think a 15pt/8 rebound player right off the rip. I would like to draft him. But I don't think he will be there. I'd like to get Austin Daye or better yet BJ Mullens. Good site, nice find there CIMO.


Could be. The NBA draft is all about "potential" and "upside" and a 6'9. pretty unathletic white guy doesn't do much to stimulate these GMs. I have no idea where he'll end up going, could be top 10 or 15, could be in the 20s. I've always hated him as a college player, just the constant talk of him being the "hardest worker" and "toughest player in the sport" because he is (relatively) short and white and goofy. But as a guy who can grab some rebounds, and he's pretty polished in the paint and makes his FTs, I'd like to have him as a Cav if he ends up slipping.



John Hollinger put out a pretty good article listing the "best values" in the draft among collegiates. Not factoring in all the imaginary "upside" rankings, it just goes based on college stats, age, height, etc and how similar players have done in the league. He wrote an incredibly long description (I honestly just skimmed it) but some highlights....


From 2002 to 2007, 15 players were (a) among the first 10 collegians drafted and (B) excluded from the top 12 by the Draft Rater. In other words, these were the college players the Draft Rater thought were drafted too high. Of those 15, not one has played in an All-Star Game. The only two who have started a significant number of games in the long term have been Kirk Hinrich (who was 13th in the Draft Rater in 2003) and Charlie Villanueva.


Who were the other top-10 picks not favored by the Draft Rater? Spencer Hawes, Acie Law, Fred Jones, Melvin Ely, Marcus Haislip, Jarvis Hayes, Rafael Araujo, Ike Diogu, Channing Frye, Randy Foye, J.J. Redick and Patrick O'Bryant.


In other words, when the Draft Rater has suggested avoiding a player, that has turned out to be good advice.


The Draft Rater also has spotted some of the biggest steals in recent years:


• Carlos Boozer was the 26th collegian taken in 2002; Draft Rater had him second.


• Josh Howard was 17th in 2003; Draft Rater had him fifth.


• Danny Granger was the 13th collegian in 2005; Draft Rater had him third.


• Rajon Rondo was the 16th collegian taken in 2006, but Draft Rater had him second.


• Rodney Stuckey was the 14th collegian chosen in 2007; Draft Rater had him fifth.


• And last year, two players the Draft Rater had rated much higher than others did, Mario Chalmers and George Hill, had productive rookie seasons.


So, most of the time, when the Draft Rater puts a player in the top five, there's a good reason.


His list for this year's top 12...


1. Ty Lawson - North Carolina (late 1st round)

2. Blake Griffin - Oklahoma (#1)

3. Tyreke Evans - Memphis (lottery)

4. Austin Daye - Gonzaga (late 1st round)

5. Stephen Curry - Davidson (lottery)

6. Nick Calathes - Florida (apparently playing in Europe?)

7. DeJuan Blair - Pittsburgh (top 20)

8. Danny Green - North Carolina (2nd round)

9. Jonny Flynn - Syracuse (lottery)

10. James Harden - Arizona State (top 10)

11. Hasheem Thabeet - Connecticut (top 10)

12. Earl Clark - Louisville (top 20)



Ferry really has to get a serious player in this draft, and it really looks like this could be a good year for the late 1st round. Trade, buy a pick, whatever. We need someone who can actually contribute. I don't care about potential and upside. It could be a guy who plays 25 minutes and just grabs rebounds and plays defense. Anyone who can seriously contribute.

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Here's Brian Windhorst on the matter


The chatter in the league is that the Cavs are very interested in moving up in the draft. They have been talking to teams just outside of the lottery (starting with the 15th pick) down into the low 20s.


As they look to move up, the Cavs might be targeting three players who most certainly will not be there at 30.


One is Ty Lawson, the dynamic and speedy point guard from North Carolina. Though he's small and that doesn't exactly fit what the Cavs need with undersized guards Mo Williams and Delonte West, Lawson has proven to be a winner and an excellent decision maker for the national champs. He's been overlooked by some teams and the Cavs love to find undervalued players in the draft. They feel Daniel Gibson and Darnell Jackson fit that same mold.


Another is Sam Young, an experienced wingman who proved to be a strong defender at Pittsburgh while playing in a power conference (Big East). Ferry is very close to the Pitt program and has been keeping an eye on Young for the past several years. Young fits the Cavs' need for size on the perimeter.


The last is Earl Clark, a tall power forward from Louisville who can play a little inside and out. The Cavs spent an extended period interviewing him at the Chicago Draft Combine. At 6-10 from a power program, he also fits a need.


Because the Cavs have shown a willingness to spend money and some teams are operating deep in the red, there has been a belief that the Cavs will look to purchase a first-round pick. Teams are allowed to spend up to $3 million to get them and, as a result, that is almost always the price. But do not assume the Cavs will definitely pull the trigger. They might be able to find better uses for the money. If they are going to buy a pick, the second round is more likely. The Cavs might be able to find a sleeper in there, especially between their picks of 30 and 46. Last season the Cavs spent $300,000 to buy the rights to Sasha Kahn out of the second round and that might be the type of check they prefer to write to get another player in this draft.


from the Plain Dealer via Cavalier Attitude

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This year is even worse than most for bigs in the late 1st. According to nbadraft.net The only two available are Tyler Hansbrough, who, honestly, I wouldn't mind drafting. I've never thought he'd make it in the NBA, but he could be a more polished Varejao for us (but I still doubt he'll be there at 30)...and Taj Gibson who's 6'10, 214. That's about 60 pounds lighter than LeBron. Don't expect him to be anything more than Z-light.


I'd rather draft for size on the perimeter and get a low-budget big man in free agency (Chris Wilcox could be a great fit here). This of course is assuming Ferry pulls out all the stops in getting an Amare or Bosh or Dirk via trade or getting them signed early in the 2010 offseason.



I would really like to see us land Psycho T...guy is definitely in the Carlos Boozer mold and we all saw how well he has turned out. He is a smart player that I don't think we can get w/our 30th pick, but rumor does have it that the Cavs are looking to buy someone's pick in the 1st round and maybe Danny G's pockets are deep enough to get us up high enough to get Hansbrough. I'm not saying he's gonna be a All-star in Booz fashion, but he certainly has a chance and I def feel he can be a solid contributor to a defensive laden team like the Cavs. I think that who we choose in the draft could certainly change based on trades that could possibly go down prior to or during the draft, but I think that we would be lucky as hell to land Psycho T in the draft if nothing happens trade-wise.

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