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Would you buy a car or a house from this idiot?


Sheep will buy into anything. I hope you sleep better with knowing this. meanwhile I am still planning on saving up. While The GDP continues to go plummeting down and Unemployed is near 20% in this country.



Oh wait the USA citizens, what a farse the USA Government just bought 70% of GM and will be closing plants regardless of any bailout and ship off more american jobs over seas.


Dont buy into a carny trick.


youn should ask yourself how much of the 12 trillion dollars are you going to be responsible to pay back or will these clowns just right it off with inflation. and what will inflation do unless your paycheck is inflated also.

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Every administration could use a few guys like this





Now thats classic!


If your ever bored on a saturday get a copy of that or trading places. It will make you laugh.

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