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A Prudent Solution

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Here is a prudent solution to the quandary about whom to draft with the #1 and #4 picks:

Since most  draft pundits believe that Saquon Barkley and  Bradley Chubb are perhaps the two best players in this draft,   then I say they do the smart thing and draft both of them....take either one at #1 and the other at #4.   Of course, here we have to hope that the teams drafting 2-3 will take QBs.....or trade down to another team that will take a QB.   Jets almost certainly will draft QB....they didn't move up to take anything else.  It is the Giants that are of concern. If they do not think they have their QBOTF on hand....they would likely nab either Chubb or Barkley.

And then, later, the Browns should use their second round draft assets to move back into the lower first round to select the QB that is going to actually end up being the best pro QB eventually......and take Mason Rudolph.   Somewhere mid 20s perhaps. 

So, now, put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

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