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I thought the Canadiens loved everybody?

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So on one hand, they don't want to go back because "No one is safe", but on the other, calling the place no one wants to go BACK to a sh!thole is offensive?  Unbelievable. 

Google Lagos, Nigeria to understand why they don't want to go back and judge for yourself if it's a sh!thole.  I think we will come to consensus on that pretty quick.  It's jawdropping.

I completely understand their desperation, but we can't take in everyone.  There is essentially no middle class in that country which means you're getting highly educated professionals or completely unskilled labor.  I'm pretty sure I know which one Canada is getting.  What they're really saying is for us to not take them in in the first place.  I guess being the US isn't easy after all, those social programs spend pretty quick when you actually use them.

We need to start paying attention to little brother Canada because we are going to witness what happens to a free society turned socialist 'lite'.   They're about to choke on their own gimmick a lot quicker than we will.  It'll be like looking into a crystal ball.

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   The other problem is - they escaped honduras, nicaragua whatever...and still want to come HERE.

Not for getting away from Honduras - they already did that.

They are coming here for the freebies. We don't have the money to give a free ride to all the impoverished

people in the world, dammit. We will crash.

  Oh, have I mentioned Cloward-Piven recently?

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