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Joe Lieberman and Neil Cavuto

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I heard the interview on Sirius XM today and was very impressed. Among the things that will disappoint the Liberals is that McCain doesn't hate Sarah Palin but she wasn't his first choice oh, she was suggested by the RNC. McCain himself actually wanted Lieberman to be his running mate which is a team i could have supported. I've always liked Joe. Lieberman also doesn't hate Trump and thinks, among other things, that pulling out of the Iran deal is the best plan. He explained why. Iran needs us more than we need them and he is sure they would come to the bargaining table. Anyway I hope it gets on YouTube I will post it.


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I never disliked Lieberman - stayed true to how HE saw things, had good reasons why he saw them that way, didn't have

ulterior motives, had integrity.

Mccain would never have gotten along with him. He had no integrity as a politician. George soros really liked him.

So, there ya go.

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