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It's Michigan Vs. Ohio State; Cleveland Browns Style

Mr. T

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It's Michigan Vs. Ohio State; Cleveland Browns Style


Can you imagine Brian Robiskie singing "Hail to the Victors" to the team before the Browns practice? How about Braylon Edwards having to wear a Buckeye jersey for a week in practice?


Does it sound crazy? Yes, but something crazy like this is bound to happen. Edwards is the number one receiver and Brian Robiskie could start on the other side. I can see a friendship developing between these two. Edwards already said it is exciting to have him as a teammate because he was a ball boy when Edwards first arrived.


Although they will likely be friends there is one thing that will come up this Thanksgiving weekend. Braylon Edwards played for Michigan and Brian Robiskie played for Ohio State. On that day they will be bitter enemies. That is unavoidable.


It is also unavoidable that trash talk will start a couple of weeks before the big game. Of course some wagers will be placed by each guy. The bet will never be for money. They don't need money. Public humiliation is always a better consequence.


What would be more humiliating for Edwards than to have to hang a Jim Tressel picture on the front of his locker for all his teammates to see? How about Robiskie wearing a maize and blue helmet to practice? His teammates would never let him live that down.


These two guys can be a dynamc duo at receiver. The even more ironic thing is that a lot of their success will likely depend on a Notre Dame quarterback. As great as they will be together, the Michigan-Ohio State thing is unavoidable and will make for some good stories.




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