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dem/radical leftists in America are very similar to radical Islamists the world over

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It's a global corruption of thought. They want free stuff, and the big, rich players who want control over most of the globe inspire

confrontation with the west. Then, when the nations defend themselves, like on our border, i.e., or on Israel's border - it's mischaracterized and paints the socialists/radical islamists as "victims". Just look at the news - President Trump labels ms-13 murderers and tortorers as animals,

and pelosi and a lot of the anti-Trump come to the defense of ms-13. That is just sickening. It's like "bizarro world" from the old superman comic books.


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even wikipedia...



French philosopher Pascal Bruckner understands Islamo-Leftism as "the fusion between the atheist Far Left and religious radicalism."[7] According to Bruckner, Islamo-Leftism was "chiefly" conceived by British Trotskyites of the Socialist Workers Party. Because these dedicated Leftists perceive Islam's potential for fomenting societal unrest, they promote tactical, temporary alliances with reactionary Muslim parties. According to Bruckner, Leftist adherents of Third-Worldism hope to use Islamism as a "battering-ram" to bring about the downfall of free-market capitalism, and they see the sacrifice of individual rights - in particular, of women's rights - as an acceptable trade-off in service of the greater goal of destroying capitalism. Bruckner contends that Islamists, for their part, pretend to join the left in its opposition to racism, neocolonialism, and globalization as a tactical and temporary means to achieve their true goal of imposing the "totalitarian theocracy" of Islamist government.[7][8]

Political scientist Maurice Fraser regards Islamo-Leftism as part of a, "striking and recent abdication of the Enlightenment project of human rights, freedom, secularism, science and progress," on the part of the political left, particularly among the anti-globalization activists of the New Left.[9]

Bernard-Henri Lévy has described "Islamo-leftism" as, "this grand new alliance between the reds and the new browns, of the axis which runs from Le Monde diplomatique to the death squads,"[10] and as a sort of "anti-American religion."[11]

According to Mark Silinsky of the United States Army War College, Islamo-Leftism is alliance of Islamists and leftists in opposition to Western values that can also be also referred to as the "red-green axis."[12] Silinsky characterizes the black-green alliance between Black Lives Matter and the Council on American–Islamic Relations as an example of Islamo-Leftism.[12]

According to Robert S. Wistrich, "A poisonous anti-Jewish legacy can be found in Marx, Fourier, and Proudhon, extending through the orthodox Communists and “non-conformist” Trotskyists to the Islamo-Leftist hybrids of today who... (are allied with) the Islamist anti-Semites of Hamas.[13]

Alvin Hirsch Rosenfeld describes Islamo Leftism as, "the hope, entertained by a revolutionary fringe, of seeing Islam become the spearhead of a new insurrection, engaged in a 'Holy War against global capitalism."[14]

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The Emerging Red-Green Alliance: Where Political Islam Meets the Radical Left

Pages 167-182 | Published online: 06 Mar 2013



No matter how unlikely it may seem, radical Leftists and Islamists have come closer in recent years. Drawing on substantial ideological interchange, and operating at both state and non-state levels, the two movements are building a Common Front against the United States and its allies. In this article, we use framing theory to examine the contemporary convergence of political Islam and the radical Left. Both radical Leftists and Islamists have utilized the master frame of anti-globalization/anti-capitalism and the master frame of anti-colonialism/anti-imperialism to elicit support from the widest possible range of people. The emerging Red-Green alliance presents a complex challenge that will require careful attention from U.S. and European policymakers.

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liar. coward. you bitched about the first one being the Blaze, so I posted several others,

and THEN you whine that you "have them hidden" so you won't view them.

asswhole woodypeckerhead pecks again.

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