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Sports Injury Predictor-interesting site

Canton Mike

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I posted this in the Callaway thread, but also bookmarked it as it gives a lot of information.

When the page comes up & you look to the upper right, click on "BY POSITION", then select a position & scroll to a player's name for injury info. Under "HIGH RISK" column, the cursor on the red circles will give specific injury information.

I had never seen this site before & just thought I would share it. Check out Sam Bradford....I was amazed!


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OBJ surprises me still as a low risk. Back in 2015, I always thought Josh Doctson was a better pick than Cory Coleman. Both fall in Medium Risk of injuries already. Both broke their hands twice..(i suck) but i knew Michael Thomas would be good in the next draft..Lots of this sports hernia surgery going around the league. Hope Chad Thomas is back by july 27th?  https://caneswarning.com/2018/06/12/miami-football-alum-chad-thomas-miss-mini-camp-surgery/  

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Injuries are the one thing that (I feel) could derail our season. Not just ours, it can happen to any team. Look at the Texans for example. They beat the crap out of us (no major feat) and a few other teams once they had Deshaun Watson, and what happened when he went down? They gave us the #4 pick which completely changed our draft. 

I don't wanna THINK what would happen if Tyrod went down. Would we play Baker? Would he be ready? It's a crap-storm I'd rather not experience. Last year we got screwed right out of the gates when Garrett got injured a couple days before the Steelers came (I mean...really), and that really bothered him for most of the year. He comes back, he looks strong along Ogbah, and we then lose him. Injuries happen to every team, we just need a bit of luck. 

Speaking of untimely injuries, I think Jamie Collins is getting somewhat overlooked. He comes back healthy and he's not just a good linebacker, he's got potential to be dominant. Back to Ogbah. He's a guy who coaches felt was about to really "get it" before suffering that broken foot. In fact, we felt so strongly about him that we didn't draft Bradley Chubb, and instead took the best DB in Ward. Ogbah has the power and skill set to set the edge on one side, and Garrett can obviously do it all. It's funny, I remember a few teams running to Garrett's side early in the game only to get completely blown up and the announcers saying, "Well, they wanted to see if he was good, and I think they found out." 

We're still thin at DE in my eyes, and I'd LOVE to see what a full season of Garrett and Ogbah looks like. As I've said before, we absolutely MUST get QB pressure WITHOUT blitzing. We weren't very good at it, and it left us completely exposed in the short to intermediate part of the field. Nobody went deep because we had DBs 40 yards back, but they didn't HAVE TO. Both Brantley and Ogunjobi can get pressure as a 3 technique, and Iike what our front 4 looks like when HEALTHY. I DON'T want to see another season of constant blitzes and getting torched on soft coverage. I think we have the horses now, just need to keep them on the field. 

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