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Mexico went full socialist now.  I actually hope the new president weeds out a lot of the corruption for everyone's sake and he seems genuine about that.  That alone will help the common citizen out tremendously.  

Everything is going to come down to his policy on business.  Just how socialist is he? 

Mexico is fragile right now.  Our new corporate tax laws are not good for them and the tariffs we've implemented are making some companies lose revenue.  Not to mention the possibility of the US deregulating federal marijuana laws.  It's not going to take much 'change' to corporate regulations to create an economic disaster.

Guess what's going to happen if Mexico collapses?  You think the pictures are bad now.


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1 hour ago, Clevfan4life said:

"they’ll be the ones with the problem because our people won’t have to go to the United States, and they won’t have anyone to pick their crops or build their houses. And so we’ll be the ones deciding the conditions.”

he's not wrong on that

Yes he is.  First he has to create a strong economy.  Second he has to stop the flow of cheap labor from countries south of him.  Not likely either way.

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Of course Mexico's number one source of income, if I'm not mistaken, is money sent home to the families bye those who come across as migrant workers. Let's not confuse legal with the illegal okay? II income source again, if I'm correct, is marijuana. With the United States teetering on the brink of full legalization there won't be much reason to take the risk of importing it.

Are we assuming that Mexico has enough wealthy people to tax in order to pay for socialism? Or enough productive work for the common man in the first place ? Ask the Soviet Union.


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