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dirty nazi-ish demoquackic corruption everywhere in NJ


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Our country is going to be a very bad place if a dem pres gets into office,

with a dem house and senate.

may as well have dirty corrupt comey as pres in that case.

Our entire country would look be New Jersey and californicateya.

won't happen. We elected Trump and he and other Real Americans are saving us all.

Of course, there are those who don't want us to be saved... liberalism is a mental disorder.


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Liberal Fascism - Wikipedia

Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of ... But then I read up on Wells and his call for 'Liberal Fascism,' and I was like, 'What the hell, this is more apt than I realized. ... The smiley face with an Adolf Hitler-style mustache on the cover of the book is a reference to comments made ...



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So, the dirty players ivestigated this incident, and decided there was no need to take his weapons.


Until... his son throws a piinecone at their fence, until he loves reading about American history  - the Revolutionary War...

until he mentions hunting on the internet.

Come on, liberal marxist arsewipes. You are exposed for what you are - our wannabe nazi-like rulers in charge.

and yes, most of the national office dems are deep state, and some republicans are too.

 So many in our America needs to get edumacated more, and see more of what's going on, not be swayed by the dishonest, emotional, bitter rhetoric, and vote for Real Americans. So many of these in office play the soft game of never solving problems, but keeping their jobs growing.


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